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14 February 2016 - 20:00
a bruit secret [radio] #62
Retransmission de A Bruit Secret [concert] #27
playlist :
freue dich ! (1981) [00:28:10]
composer : sofia gubaidulina
performers : tiziana bertoncini, martine altenburger
album : a bruit secret [concert] #27
improvisation (2016) [00:08:53]
composers : tiziana bertoncini, martine altenburger, armand angster, sylvian kassap, jean-marc foltz, charlotte hug, frédéric blondy
performers : tiziana bertoncini, martine altenburger, le trio de clarinettes
album : a bruit secret [concert] #27
quarternion (1996) [00:22:29]
composer : sofia gubaidulina
performers : alexander ivashkin, natalia pavlutskaya, rachel johnston, miranda wilson
album : gubaidulina: in croce, ten preludes, quarternion
moss agate (2010) [00:12:53]
composers : tiziana bertoncini, thomas lehn
performers : tiziana bertoncini, thomas lehn
album : horsky park
awoman 0.7 (2006) [00:13:10]
composers : martine altenburger, lê quan ninh
performer : martine altenburger
album : concert au stuk de louvain – indédit
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