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19 September 2009 @ Ferme de Villefavard - Villefavard (France)
a new piece by Vinko Globokar
For the second creation of a new work for the ]h[iatus ensemble, the members of the group wanted to work with a unique composer and trombone player who has remained a virtuoso and for whom improvisation has always been at the heart of the music profession. Improvisation is used in his work to question the role of the musician and that of the audience, to question things we take for granted concerning the instrument or cultural habits. Some of the works he has written are an attempt to translate the typical behaviour of musicians and the consequences this has on the audience. Questions arise such as: When you improvise, do you have to react to what the other musician has played? Or should you follow your own discourse? What impulse makes you play rather than not play? Does the stimulus come from outside? Should we follow one given element more than another? Do we really communicate one with another after all? These questions are simple but essential for all improvisation and reveal something about authority and autonomy that goes beyond the artistic framework. Damdaj is composed of 17 frames that follow one from another as a series of improvisations in which the imposed constraints playfully examine the habits and gestures of musicians, inviting them to reinvent ways of hearing and relating to each other. Through texts, non-European melodies and other material of their own choice, a new musical and theatrical vocabulary unfurls as a festival of sounds sometimes torturous something subtle. (Translation : Angie Cote)
with Martine Altenburger, Tiziana Bertoncini, Isabelle Duthoit, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Géraldine Keller, Lê Quan Ninh, Thomas Lehn, Thierry Madiot, Angelika Sheridan