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welcome !
RYOANJI is a French based artistic and cultural organization that was created in 2006 to promote live contemporary arts based on new musical composition and improvisation.

Its name originates from the work of the composer John Cage (1912-1992), which relates to a well-known Zen temple in Kyoto (Ryōan-Ji, 竜安寺).

Since 2007 the association’s headquarters are based in the Creuse region of France and the members are committed to communicating current contemporary repertoire music in and around the area as well as in the Limousin region and beyond. Events are organized such as a series of concerts entitled A BRUIT SECRET [CONCERTS] (secret sounds),LE BRUISSEMENT DU TEMPS (the murmur of time) and others still in the making such as LE BRUIT DE LA MUSIQUE, FESTIVAL (The Noise of Music, Festival of arts to be discovered). They also run a monthly show on the Radio station of the Guéret region (Pays du Guéret) called A BRUIT SECRET [RADIO], as well as musical and creative workshops.

Much of the association’s work is to support the activities of the group ensemble]h[iatus, an international contemporary music ensemble whose mission is to explore the 20th & 21st century repertoires, to encourage new writings and also to question and develop improvisation and technics.

The Ryoanji association initiates projects that have been conceived in such a way as to share, hear and appreciate the extraordinary diversity of contemporary expressions of music. The organization is convinced of the necessity to share the contemporary repertoire with each and everyone. Their projects are inspired by the desire to position the contemporary repertoire in the realm of sensibility. Although far too often considered as inaccessible and only reserved to the initiated, contemporary works and creativity are easily accessible if accompanied by a preparation to develop our ways of listening; the audience hears the works in a different way with a renewed understanding of contemporary composers, improvisers and artists.

Other creative projects are supported that bring together members of the ensemble]h[iatus and artists from various disciplines or using other musical technics.

One of the main aspects of the activities of the organization is the way we are educated to contemporary music. The members initiate this aspect as a discipline in itself, bringing new forms or methods of understanding which undoubtedly contribute to a full appreciation of the extraordinary capacities of contemporary sound.

(Translation : Angie Cote)
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